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Monday, May 10, 2010

Portland Indie Wine Festival

How much wine does it take to put on a festival for 400-500 guests? 

We were so honored to be invited for a 5th time to participate in the http://www.indiewinefestival.com/ .  This is an outstanding event put together by Lisa Donoughe who is also a principal in the Portland public relations firm Watershed http://www.watershed.com/.  She created this event in 2004 to help showcase the up and coming wineries in the Oregon wine industry.

Criteria is to 1. Grow your own fruit  or  2.  Make your own wine  and   3.  Produce less than 2500 Cases.

At Coeur de Terre Vineyard we do both, which qualifies us to submit our wines for consideration.

The wines are blindly tasted by Sommeliers, Wine Writers, Master Wine Makers from all over the nation.  The top 40 wineries are invited to participate and are only allowed to pour the wines that were selected by the judges.  It makes this event somewhat exclusive.  What I have always been impressed with is how many individuals come from out of state to taste these hand crafted wines.  Florida, California, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina just to name a few.

This years event was a little bittersweet as I believe it to be our last. The 2009 Vintage we were up to 2400 Cases so it is highly likely we will outgrow the event with our 2010 Vintage, making room for more amazing craft wine makers.  The upside.....we may be able to be on the otherside of the table enjoying ourselves! 

We were "discovered" at Indie and this event has allowed us to catapult our label forward.  I am eternally grateful to Lisa Donoughe for creating and pulling this event off every year.  She truly is amazing.

Here are some highlights from the event.

Don and Johanna Sandberg of IOTA Cellars.  If you haven't tried their wines you really should!  They are located in the Northern Tip of Eola Hills or what is also known as Amity Hills.  They are of the same mindset....They Grow It, They Make It, They Sweat It!  Check them out here  http://www.iotacellars.com/.


Dave Grooters of Carlton Cellars.  Another great producer http://www.carltoncellars.com/.  Dave is actually a neighbor of ours, however his vineyard and winery is located in Carlton.  Funny story...when we were first planting Renelle's Block a full decade ago, a red Pick Up truck came ambling down our gravel road and stopped.  Out jumps Dave engulfed in dust and introduces himself with such enthusiasm for what we were doing.  Immediately asked if he could help us, he spent the day planting vines, he gave us a hose so we could water the vines (which we still have) and we became steadfast friends ever since.  The great thing about what Dave is doing at Carlton Cellars is...once again....He Grows It, Makes It, Sweats It!

Keep in mind.....there are many in the wine industry that just purchase fruit from a source, have another source make the wine and slap their name on the bottle.  There are others that may own the vineyard...yet pay someone else to manage the vineyard....and pay someone else to make the wine.  Not necessarily the true Indie Craft Winemaker/Winegrower.  This is what makes these people so very special....and a little bit

 Here are all of the Indie Featured Wineries

This is Pamela Adkins and Julie Bulrice.  Their dream...to be the Future Indie Winegrower/Winemaker!  Good luck girls!  In my book, you are starting out the right way...with lots of research!

Another wine that I think you should keep an eye out for, but I did not get a chance to take photos of.....
Aubichon Cellars...these are our friends Jim and Kristin Sanders.  Jim and Kristin work hard, hard, hard at their day jobs to support their passion which just so happens to be Craft Wine Making.  If you have not tried or heard of this wine all I can say is YOU MUST!  Jim has an amazing palate and an amazing gift.  http://www.aubichoncellars.com/ 

After the event, The Sanders and The CdT Crew...decided to skip the after party and head for something a little more intimate (seeing that we both had sitters hired for the night).  Good friends of The Sanders just opened their own Restaurant....The Country Cat http://www.thecountrycat.net/.   Oh My WORD was this place amazing...and sinful in so many ways.  The concept is "good home cookin" in a modern, Jetson's feel diner.  Very Hip.  I was in blue jeans and nice blouse and felt a little over dressed, which is just my kind of place also very child friendly.  Our server was a blast and she knew how to help with navigating the menu.  I will give you a brief rundown on the food ordered.  I will not be sharing with you what I did, or did not eat...because there just doesn't need to be a written record of that. 
Starters....beers for the boys...a split of Prosseco for the girls and an order of onion rings..thinly sliced/battered with some spice and deeeeeeeep fried. 

Next........A beet salad with blue cheese crumbles, A "Pork Pocket" Fresh ham stuffed with shrimp wrapped in bacon on grilled scallions fava beans in mustard sauce (not a fan of Fava Beans...but these had a wonderfully fresh texture..loved them).   Wedge of Butter Lettuce With green goddess dressing soft boiled egg .

Next........Cast Iron Skillet Fried Chicken with a sweet cream biscuit bacon braised collard greens (this was To Die For..kid you not - it was delivered with the biscuit on top..dripping with honey! MMMMMMMM!  can anyone say Lipitor)  The Country Cat's Whole Hog Rolled belly, brined chop, smoked shoulder on South Carolina grits with cider glazed Moyer plums (Another Super Healthy Choice)
Cattail Creek Farm Lamb on celery root puree with a chunky olive, sundried tomato, walnut tapenade (This actually came with Lasagne that had been doused in Paprika and toasted Pine nuts...ohhhhhh the flavors)  This was all enjoyed with a bottle Tempranillo....sorry I don't remember the producer...I was enjoying the great conversation and laughs!

Last......Dessert!  A Trio of Pudding Butterscotch, Chocolate, Crème Brulée with baked-to-order cookies (and yes the cookies came out warm)  Leah's Doughnuts served warm and tossed in cinnamon sugar with caramel and apple dipping sauce (it was about this time that our server let us know that everything is deep fried in real LARD!  I knew it was good food...just not sure how good for you.  Let's call it SOUL food....it was definately good for the SOUL!

I would definately come back (for the rare occassion I make it into Portland) and I would highly recommend the restaurant.  Be sure to check out their website and the story......A great way to finish off the Craft Wine Making event.


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  1. Johanna SandbergMay 11, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    Great blog, Lisa and thanks for the "plug!" We feel the same about you and Scott and the wonderful life and label you have built together. Go "craft" winemakers! Take care.